Armour Bearers:
"The gift of support for God’s Leaders." To ensure proper care and provisions are made for the Pastor, First Lady, Guest speakers, etc., at all times.
“Blessing Our Leader Tangibly.” Designed to provide financial and necessary assistance to all financial, domestic & personal needs of the First Family.
This is the department responsible for the security of the church’s property, workers and parishioners.
Deacons are servants to the house of God. They are called to assist in the various entities of ministry which include but are not limited to pastoral care, communion, baptism, and alter worker.
Ministers are servants of the ministry. They must be willing and able to minister to the needs of the church members through pastoral care as well as in times of celebration and tribulation.
The church trustees are responsible for managing all financial matters relating to the church. They are responsible for maintaining the church accounting systems, financial agreements, and contracts.
Charisma Choir:
The Charisma Choir’s mission is to set the atmosphere and usher the people of God into the presence of God through song.
Praise Team:
The mission of the praise team is to draw the congregation close to the very presence of God through praise and worship.
Zera Men’s Choir:
These valiant men minister in song before God’s people and under the power of holy ghost. The Zera Men’s Choir sings every 5th Sunday of the month.
For His Glory Dancers:
This dance ministry dances for the glory of God. Their ministry is to the young adult ages of 18-30 that loves to dance before the Lord.
Expressions Drama Ministry:
The purpose of Expressions Drama Ministry is to present worship dramas that are relevant to real life and every-day situations. Their mission is to encourage people to look to God for answers to their life questions.
Heavenly Hands Dancers:
The mission of the youth praise dance team is to minister in dance, through praise and worship that brings glory to God. 

Scribes Corner Book Store:
The Scribes Corner offers a variety of religious and spiritual resources. Within the store you will find audio and video messages by Pastor Hudson and other dynamic speakers.
Photography Ministry:
The Photography Ministry exists to provide quality photography for the programs of Prayer & Faith as well as for special events and services.
Church Newspaper:

This ministry produces Prayer & Faith’s quarterly newspaper, which features upcoming events, articles, church related and community news. For article submission pending please email.

Culinary Arts:

The responsibility of the culinary arts department is to prepare meals for Pastor and or guests for special events and when requested.

Guest Services:
The purpose of this ministry is to exemplify the love of God to members and visitors and provide courteous service and information to all, by being hospitable especially to our guests.
Mother’s Ministry:
The Mothers Ministry assumes the role of teaching and providing wisdom to the young women, and being a role model for women of the church as a whole.
Audio Ministry:
This ministry is responsible for making sure that sound technology is properly executed for all services, programs and events.


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